Based on our experience in building modern and precise test stands we developed a modern and relay able concept to combine and control the technical components of your car driving center.

Core component is an National Instrument control system. The user interface can be delivered as

  • Pulpit with push buttons
  • Panel – PC
  • Tablets

following electrical components are as well within our product portfolio:

  • Induction loops for the speed measurement
  • GDS-contact bars infront of the kick-plate
  • Speed indicators with light depending LED-numbers
  • WLAN-network with high performance antennas to use the IPAD’s

The complete control system end electrical equipment can be put in one of the team containers, which are usually used for team meetings during the driving course.


  • Automotive test bench technology as the basis
  • Outstanding operating concept
  • Easy course setting at the push of a button
  • remote maintenance
  • Induction loops or radar technology

The optional available IPAD’s as control system brings the trainer in the position that he can control the driving center from any place of the circuit.He can adjust following function:

  • ON / OFF of the modules
  • preselection of water obstacles
  • Direction and speed of the kick-plate

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