Gear Test Stand

This test stand is a universal test stand that combines many different functions. Here is a selection of the possible tests:

  • Continuous load on connections or gears (up to 12,000 rpm and 10 Nm)
  • Continuous vibration loading of couplings or torsion bars
  • Measurement of geometry of gears (also as an intermediate step in permanent load programs)
  • Maximum load on fasteners until they break

Working method:

Two drives can be matched to one another so that the component in between is loaded as required.

Due to the very precise measuring devices and the outstanding mode of operation, damage to the test item can be detected at an early stage, even at high speeds. As a result, the component is not completely destroyed and a precise analysis is made easier.


  • automatic test sequence
  • Flexible drive concept
  • Easy handling
  • Climatic chamber

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