Torsion Test Bench

In cooperation with ZF – Alfdorf, a highly specialized test bench for testing torsion bars was created.

How it works:
A defined centrifugal mass is accelerated and the energy is applied to the clamped torsion bar after a special clutch is closed. This is done either directly via the drive shaft or indirectly via a belt.

During the test process (duration approx. 300 ms) over 8000 measured values are recorded. This can be done in series or as a single rod.
Evaluation takes place either directly on the test bench or via NI DIadem.

The evaluation conforms to the ISO MME protocol.


  • automatic test sequence
  • Series test function
  • ISO MME protocol
  • Filter classes CFC 60…. 1000
  • PDF protocol
  • Test specification management
  • statistical evaluation
  • direct and indirect drive method

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