• Measurement technology and test bench construction
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GDS-Test bench

Technique of measurements and construction of test benches are nothing for easy by the way…

Often it is a difficult task for the development departments to develop a test environment in addition to mostly time cirtical new developments. GDS-Engineering is specialized to Support you competently and purposeful.

GDS inspections-and test benches are developed in collaboration with our partners according to jointly developed concepts. Our inspections- and test benches are basically constructed for highest reliability and smallest tolerances (measuring accuracy in per mille range). For us it is an matter of course to have flawless communication with the specimes about CAN-, FlexRay- or SPI-Busssystem. Also important for us is the user-friendly interface area. Our inspections- and test benches are generally designed with NI-Controls and LabView as an Graphical-User-Interface.

With the following measuring sizes we have a lot of experience:

  • Distance
  • Power
  • Volume
  • Pressure
  • Moment of force
  • Flow volume
  • Speed-up
  • Number of revolutions
  • Contact-free distance measurement
  • Speed (calculation of measured variables)
  • Degree of efficiency (Calculation of various measured variables)