1994 was the year of a big decision. Gerd Schmitt realized his lifelong dream and founded GdS Engineering. With a small innovative group of employees and his extensive, long-term experience in component testing, he constructed his first brake test bench. This should be the first product to represent a new company philosophy. Reliable, high-quality test stands in the middle category with individual adjustments to customer requirements. Robust, reliable and durable. This attitude has convinced many users in the next few years, reinforced their decision and led to the development of other types.

In 1997 a new product line was inaugurated with the construction and delivery of the first car dynamic system. “Back then” this technique was still called “sling plate”. What began as a self-sufficient element for driving safety centers, mutated over the following years, spurred on by customer requests and their new requirements, into an overall concept: the control and administration of overall systems.

Both product lines are essentially based on one of the fastest and most reliable controls available. Tried and tested in the testing and inspection technology of GDS, the technology was also chosen as a starting point for the driving dynamics.

In 2015 Gerd Schmitt took his last consistent step by looking for and found a committed, innovative and experienced successor for his company in previous years. In Klaus Wuppinger he found the person who showed that she wanted and wants to bring the company forward with passion and initiative. Over 3 years the scepter and the individual know-how of Gerd Schmitt was handed over in a “soft transition”.

In recent years, the GDS specialists have refined the systems, expanded the range and expanded the areas of application. Since 2020, GDS-Engineering has also been facing the challenge of modernizing, expanding or replacing legacy systems in vehicle dynamics without having to take the existing system out of operation for a long period of time.

Just as we understand the renovation of old systems and general operating costs as an important element of the future in vehicle dynamics, we work with great care to increase the application possibilities and reliability in the test and test bench area.

We are a small, effective team – always open to new, individual and special challenges. Many of our products were created in close cooperation with our customers.